“Even as the Lord has directed your lives and has opened the doors and drawn you to these LANDS and PEOPLES… I will draw these people to you and BOND them to you with a DIVINE and SUPERNATURAL LOVE.
This Supernatural Love will bring about *a DIVINE MARRIAGE of their SPIRITS to your spirits SO STRONG a joining to your ministry, that ALL political powers will so recognize this unity, that they will be FEARFUL to hinder the ADVANCEMENT of your FAMILY MINISTRY. Doors of ministry that have been blocked to other ministries, will be WIDE OPEN to you because of this SUPERNATURAL MARRIAGE. This UNION will bring forth many Spiritual Children for generations and NATIONS to come.”

Pastor Ron Stechenfinger
Open Bible, Dayton, Ohio

“Just a quick thank you again for your ministry at Picacho Youth Haven Ranch. It was great to know you were there and got a chance to see the children and they had the chance to hear you share in your music message. Great to hear about the 12 children at Picacho that expressed interest in Salvation. That was wonderful! There is a needy field everywhere around us. I am continuing to hear testimonies from staff of changed lives and hearts for the Lord. God bless you . . . This world and the next world are better places because the Jackson Family cares and shares their faith in the Lord.”

Larry J. Carlson
President – Co-Founder, Youth Haven Inc.
Rives Junction, MI & Picacho, AZ

“I believe that the ministry which has been given to the Jackson Family is a key that opens locked doors in nations where doors have previously been closed to the Gospel!”
Pastor Edmound Teo
Int’l. Christian Assembly
Hong Kong, China
“I would like to introduce you to a family that I have come to know and to love and the ministry God has placed in their hearts. They have been to various parts of East Asia, most recently to Vietnam and Hong Kong and China, doing concerts with a family theme and drawing large crowds to the Lord. They performed at my church and the local Baptist Association hosted them as well as God used them
to bring families closer together and preach the Gospel of Christ.”
Pastor Amos Lee
Chinese Independent Baptist Church
Chinatown- San Fransisco, CA
“Bruce, Brenda, and all the lovely Jackson children. . .if you’re still wondering why you were led to come to Malaysia, I believe that it’s the love and faithfulness of God that he led you here to deliver God’s message for me. I am spending my time praising the Lord- and there has been much rejoicing among those who have prayed for me and supported me as they have seen the wondrous works of the Lord. I want to say a big “thank you” to you for speaking God’s word to me. May God bless all of you mightily.
Nee Hee Chew
President- Founder, Salvation Books & Music
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“The Jackson Family is beautiful and gifted and their ministry is Christ-centered in every way. Their music and dramatic presentation about all areas of family life has been a great encouragement and an anointed blessing for all age groups. This family and their children are sharing a needed message with the world!”
Dr. Gerald Derstine
Founder/Chairman, Gospel Crusade Inc.
Christian Retreat, Bradenton, FL
Strawberry Lk. Christian Retreat, Ogema, MN
“Thank you again for your ministry among us. God is faithful and He used you all in a beautiful way. Being who you are, God shines through you!”
Pastor Sonny Misar
Living Light Church
Winona, MN
“Praise God for all the marvelous things HE has done through your family and your music in sharing the good news of Christ’s salvation in Vietnam and China. I believe that HE will continue HIS mighty work in days ahead as you minister to different people in different places. May the true peace of Christ dwell in our hearts and enable us to reconcile many to God. Glory be to God!”
Pastor Joshua S. Ting
Mandarin Baptist Church
Los Angeles, CA
“It is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for your update information. May the Lord continue to use your family for His glory. Thank God who has used you to build a lot of people up. Thank God for your heart. Thank you so much for your prayer, love & support to our ministry. The Lord blessed you and used your family to bring blessings to Vietnam this Christmas!”
( Bro. Luke) Phan Quoc
Vietnam Director
Campus Crusade For Christ

Fellowship Community Baptist Church

Fellowship Community Baptist Church

We were excited to have your family minister in our church on the 1st June 08!  As our worship venue seats about 6500, (in the Singapore Expo. Center), it really helped to engage the people by projecting Chinese/English lyrics of the songs on screen during your ministry.  I know with assurance that God has used your family powerfully to bring about the ministry that He has purposed for you here this weekend.  We praise God for His miracle!

Pastor John Koh
Fellowship Community Baptist Church

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