Brent Jackson is easily summed up in a single phrase. . .he lives to serve others.  He is multi-gifted and loves to spend time with his family and ministers deeply to people as he shares Jesus.  Brent graduated from Cedarville University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing with a minor in Biblical Studies.  He sees an increasing need for the Church and Christians to understand the management of finances so that good stewardship can finance the spreading of the Gospel around the world.  Brent serves in a financial advisory role with FamilySong Ministries and he also shares his expertise in financial planning and investing with clients looking for help.  He loves to see a need and works to fill it.

Brent is a fun-loving, playful young man when he is not dealing with a serious issue.  He is always ready to challenge his younger brother to a video game battle or find an activity for the whole family to do together.  He and his siblings have ridden on a majority of the big roller coasters in the United States and he enjoys traveling with his family.  With an avid memory for quotes from TV, movies and books, he also enjoys imitating various voices to make his family laugh.  He loves his “hotrod” car with its thumpin’ sound system and often he can be found working to fix it or improve something.  Brent is a faithful friend and is never afraid to give all that he has for someone in need.

Bruce and Brenda’s oldest son, Brent has been involved in music ministry as long as he can remember.  He is a capable vocalist, a drummer and has collaborated on numerous songwriting and music production projects.  He loves the urban beat of today’s music and fearlessly raps and experiments musically to keep his family’s sound, cutting edge and relevant.  He enjoys any subject matter that clearly speaks a message of God’s truth.  Brent has become a necessary part of the touring concert team as he engineers and manages sound and is responsible to make sure everything works efficiently.  He loves his busy life but will be quick to say that his priorities are set:  Relationship with the Lord, his family, work responsibilities and everything else comes after.

Brent is passionate about seeing positive changes and eternal choices which come as a result of his efforts and those of his family.   He is excited about the open doors of opportunity that have presented themselves all across Asia as he has seen tens of thousands come to a personal faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Special Interests…

Book: The Circle Series by Ted Dekker
Band: Switchfoot
Musical Inspiration: Toby Mac
Food: Indian
Movie: National Treasure
Bible Verse: Romans 12:1,2
Favorite Things: Chevy Camaros, high-tech gadgets, cheese, cool pens and exotic roast coffees