With contagious laughter, a bubbly personality, strength of character and confidence to take on new challenges, Brook Jackson tends to light up every room that she enters!   This is a girl who is proud of her southern roots as she was born in Nashville, TN to parents Bruce and Brenda Jackson.  Music has been a part of her life from the beginning and she has sung with her parents and three siblings all across the U.S. and in five countries of Asia.  She has grown up appreciating contemporary country music styles and, even as a small child, rubbed shoulders with country music legends like: Waylon Jennings, Billy Walker, Loretta Lynn and Naomi & Wynnona Judd who were all friends or acquaintances of her family.  Brook has delighted crowds, worldwide, with her youthful, edgy, versatile, vocals which are a perfect vehicle for the plain-spoken subject matter for families shared by the Jacksons in each concert.  She loves music that conveys a message about God’s love and life solutions in Jesus Christ.

Brook has been homeschooled from her earliest years, but has pursued further in-depth training by taking classes in early childhood development at a local vocational school and college coursework at Edison Com. College.  She loves working with children and has been very fulfilled teaching swim lessons to small children at the YMCA.  She also is a certified lifeguard and daycare worker.  Even with her extremely busy schedule, Brook has found the time to develop her capacities in several other areas.  She received instruction in interpretative dance, tap dancing, and became proficient in gymnastics.  She plays the piano, beautifully, and enjoys preparing for her annual recital at the local cultural center.  Brook has always drawn strength from her time with family and she looks forward to “girl time” with her sister or a quiet family evening at home, cuddling with her kitty, named Ginger.

Brook’s big, blue eyes have been melting her Daddy’s heart for years as she sings with him in each concert.  “Daddy, You’re The Only Man In My Heart,” has been a favorite with people all over the world and is now sung by Brook in Chinese as well as Vietnamese.  Brook realizes that everything she has been given is a gift from God and she is driven by her love for the Lord and for people.  “I appreciate the fact that we talk about tough family issues,” Brook says.  “People won’t be happy in their relationships if they aren’t willing to make decisions to choose God’s standard.”  Brook has a habit of speaking what’s on her mind and clearly articulating what is most important to her.  Certainly, this is a young lady who brings positive change and Godly influence to the people and places she touches each day for Jesus Christ!

Special Interests…

Book: Shadowcreek Chronicles by T. Elizabeth Renich
Band: Relient K
Musical Inspiration: Carrie Underwood
Food: Watermelon and Popcorn
Movie: Enchanted
Bible Verse: Psalms 19:14
Favorite Things: Caramel lattes, everything pink, Barq’s root beer, jumping on the trampoline, Disney princesses and her pink rhinestone-encrusted cellphone