Bruce and Brenda

Music, family, and a desire to minister to people, were shared values that brought Bruce and Brenda Jackson together as teenagers.  Brenda and her family were hosted in evangelistic ministry by Bruce’s father at his church in Dayton, OH.  Early friendship turned into romance and then, a marriage partnership, which became the foundation for everything that God has produced through their lives.  Bruce asked Brenda to marry him at the top of a skyscraper in downtown Chicago and was literally “walking on the clouds” when she said, “yes.”  They were married in 1982, after college and Bible training at Grace College and Moody Bible Institute.  From the beginning, Bruce and Brenda saw the need for their family to be used in any way possible to lift up a high standard and share the answer of Jesus Christ for people’s troubled lives.

After Pastoral leadership in three churches, Bruce developed an acute awareness and understanding of the breakdown in today’s families.  This couple has been a strong voice of vision, inspiration, and motivation in communication of Scriptural truth for the family.  Bruce is an accomplished keyboard artist and vocalist while Brenda is a gifted cellist and vocalist.  Their musical collaboration has produced numerous recordings, as they have written a majority of their own music which deals, specifically, with all aspects of family issues and values.

Bruce and Brenda Jackson feel as though Christian discipleship begins at home with their own children.  They have four beautiful children who have displayed exceptional giftedness in music, composition and performance as well as communication of the family’s signature subject matter.  Bruce serves as leader and co-founder of FamilySong Ministries and has led in Pastoral responsibilities of teaching and administration. A sensitive and a loving disciplinarian, Bruce has felt that his top priorities should be the shaping of values and spiritual training in his own home.  He understands that his strength in ministry comes from committed relationships, a priority on Biblical discipleship, and a desire to encourage other parents to lift up this same standard.  Brenda treasures her role as “Mom” above all else.  Her responsibilities in the ministry office coordinating the family’s schedule come second to serving her family, homeschooling her youngest son, and managing her home.

Bruce loves to take trips with his family and plan fun surprises for special occasions.  He enjoys cooking big family meals with Brenda or going on a spontaneous date.  His free time at home is often spent playing Scrabble or other games with his children, watching old Star Trek reruns, or listening to his favorite music.  Bruce gets a kick out of humorous banter with his family and encourages meaningful conversations.  Brenda looks forward to gardening, working out at the YMCA, reading books (about current events or Biblical issues) and doing music with her husband and kids.  She has a way of creating a warm and loving atmosphere around the house and enjoys welcoming and feeding many guests in her home.

Special Interests…



Book: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala Book: Islam Rising series by Dr. Jim Murk
Band: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Band: Rascal Flatts
Musical Inspiration: David Phelps, Israel Houghton Musical Inspiration: Karen Carpenter, Symphony Orchestras
Food: Hot and Spicy (Indian, Malaysian or Mexican) Food: Asian Vegetarian
Movie: Father of the Bride 1 & 2 Movie: Ever After
Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11-13 Bible Verse: Hebrews 10:35-39
Favorite Things: Gourmet black coffee, Reeses cups, building campfires, classic cars, & Fox News Favorite Things: Pillows, sparkling accessories, carrot juice, Red Door perfume, Bruce’s eyes, & jasmine tea