Bryson Jackson is a rare and special combination of pure teenaged energy, excitement, giftedness and a love for other people- especially his family. He also loves to nurture animals and has raised puppies, kittens, ducklings, cockatiels, mice and bunnies. Always a heart of compassion, Bryson is ready to help an older person carry groceries to their car, mow grass for a neighbor or ride his bike to visit his grandparents. Homeschooled from the beginning, he has shown a definite aptitude for learning and accelerated studies. He loves to read books and is a skilled Chess player. Bryson is also an avid outdoorsman, where he builds forts out of hay bales, wood planks or, even snow, if it’s available! In warm weather months, he loves catching frogs in the pond, going fishing or playing basketball with friends.

Bryson is a fun-loving, prankster who loves to tell jokes and imitate cartoon voices. He playfully teases his sisters and challenges his older brother, Brent, in video games. Bryson has been a big fan of sword battles since he was a small boy and has dressed himself as a knight, a pirate and as a Jedi. It is apparent that the youngest of Bruce and Brenda Jackson’s kids will probably be the tallest as Bryson has grown so quickly. He is always ready to accompany his Dad or Brent, when it’s time to run errands or go for a pizza!

This is a young man who is fulfilled by accomplishing great things. He has diligently learned to play the piano and has achieved superior ratings for his performances before regional music federation judges. He has won a city-wide art competition, he’s recorded a CD with his family and has musically performed in seven countries and three languages. ALL by the time he was 14 years old! He finds a deep security in the love of his family and his relationship with Jesus Christ. Bryson loves to read his Bible and feels privileged to be able to sing about Jesus. He freely expresses himself in front of crowds of tens of thousands. This year he shared God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ with an entire crowd of elementary and junior high kids. More than a dozen made decisions to follow Christ! Bryson says, “but most of all, it is really awesome the way the ministry gets people thinking about their lives. I’ve seen so many people make good changes. . .God does it; it’s just cool that we get to be a part of it.”

Special Interests…

Book: Blink by Ted Dekker
Band: Kutless
Musical Inspiration: His Dad (or a Christian rapper called KJ-52)
Food: Italian
Movie: Star Wars
Bible Verse: Romans 10: 8-11
Favorite Things: Pizza, A&F polo shirts, lifesaver gummies, his red swiss army knife and his change monkey.