View the Photo GalleryIn the year 2000, the Jacksons received their first invitation to the nation of China! Already one of the largest populations of any nation on the earth, The People’s Republic of China was also experiencing unprecedented growth and development, economically, and was increasingly open to new opportunities for its people. The Jacksons were immediately impressed by the creativity and beauty of the Chinese people as they exhibited an intense desire and ability to learn on numerous levels, including a readiness to hear about Jesus and the Bible. The people in China were also fascinated by this American musical “family of six,” in a nation where large families have become quite rare following the introduction of the “one child policy” in 1978. Excitement grew as the Chinese people heard the fresh, uninhibited style of the Jacksons’ music and a bold message about strong family relationships and a spiritual foundation in Jesus Christ.

After the Jacksons’ initial introduction to this nation, numerous concert tours occurred all across mainland China and its island territories. The family’s songs were translated into Chinese characters and projected during concert appearances and several songs were sung, in Mandarin, by the Jacksons. The concert tours included major cities of Harbin and Shenyang, in the north, where more than 4000 responded and made decisions to accept Christ into their lives. In addition, they have performed in southern cities of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau, where thousands have heard a powerful message about strengthening marriage, sexual purity in young people and hope for hurting family relationships. The Jacksons have utilized a multiplicity of concert venues as they have been hosted in schools, restaurants, auditoriums and church facilities nationwide. This has been a new and enlightening experience for the Chinese people, and its leadership, who have increasingly understood the value and necessity of this special family message for its nation. The Jacksons look forward to further opportunities for interaction and cultural exchange as they anticipate future musical tours throughout China.

It has been an amazing experience for the Jackson Family to connect with ethnic Chinese all over the world. Countries across the globe have been enriched by these innovative people. In places like the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, the Jacksons have seen the culturally rich people of China becoming exceedingly prosperous wherever they have been planted. Surely God has destined this important partnership between the Jacksons and the Chinese people as a way to bring a Biblical message about strong family values to all nations, worldwide!