View the Photo GalleryIn 1997, after seeing more than a decade of fruitful ministry in the United States, the Jacksons embarked on their first overseas missionary venture to the beautiful island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Hosted by the family of Ben Gaitano and One Way Outreach, the Jacksons shared in musical ministry at a Pastors’ Conference for leadership families who came from all across the southern islands of the Philippines. 2000 Pastors and their families gathered to hear the positive encouragement and uplifting message from the Jacksons, who were accompanied by several U.S. Pastors on this initial introduction to regions of Southeast Asia. This was a truly inspiring experience for the Jacksons who were sensing a growing call from God and a genuine love for these people.

On a subsequent visit to Mindanao, in Davao City, a concert was hosted outdoors in the heart of the city where people from all walks of life came to hear a message about Jesus Christ for their families, even in an area facing oppressive Islamic influence. The Jacksons were amazed as they watched the people gather, many of whom were dressed in traditional Muslim clothing. When an invitation was given to receive Jesus Christ, many of those same people made decisions for salvation. A local TV affiliate filmed the concert and it was broadcast over Sky Cable to more than three million households! This was a transformational moment for the Jacksons’ ministry in the Philippines as people immediately recognized the family from their TV appearances and were drawn to their pertinent message. On that same trip, the Jacksons did concerts in Manila during a time when a monstrous typhoon was pummeling the region. Their hotel shook and swayed back and forth while massive flooding crippled the city’s streets. Even amid this kind of disaster, the people’s spirits were buoyant and ready to receive. The Jacksons were hosted by New Life Alabang, an influential mega-church which has successfully reached the most widely recognized people in TV and movies in the nation. They also shared with the Assemblies of God, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Brethren church groups, the leadership of Praise Records and, even, in an International School.

From the very beginning of their time in the Philippines, God was forging a very special relationship between the Jacksons and the people of Asia. The Lord placed within the Jacksons a heart of love and understanding, especially for the Filipino people. Even though there is widespread need and poverty among these people, their inclination to serve and rise above their circumstances have been defining characteristics as the Jacksons have seen and interacted with Filipinos around the world! Jesus said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35) Interestingly, God has opened major doors of opportunity for revival all across Asia for the Jacksons, as a result of their numerous partnerships with the servant-hearted, sweet-spirited Filipino people!