View the Photo GalleryIn 2009, an unexpected invitation was issued for the Jackson Family to participate in historic, groundbreaking evangelistic outreach meetings that were taking place in December across the nation of Vietnam! It had been 35 years since any Americans had been permitted to perform in Saigon and 75 years since it had happened in Hanoi. This was a major step forward for the nation of Vietnam (officially called, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam). This is a rapidly growing, forward-thinking country of more than 86 million people. Government officials are increasingly seeing the benefits of greater religious freedom as well as the educational and economic prosperity that accompany freedom on all levels. The Jacksons were fascinated by the sweet, open hospitality of the Vietnamese people, their beautiful tonal language and the people’s natural aptitude for music. A crowd of more than 40,000 gathered in the heart of Saigon as the Jackson Family began singing Silent Night, in Vietnamese! Other family-themed songs followed, including the Jacksons’ daughters singing, Daddy You’re The Only Man In My Heart. The people were overwhelmingly responsive and were moved to make commitments to follow Jesus Christ. Numerous articles in Vietnam’s web news and newspapers featured articles about the history-making appearances of the Jacksons and their positive message about family relationships. More than ten denominations of churches and Christian organizations came together in unity for prayer and worship as they saw revival and spiritual harvest. This was a momentous introduction for the Jackson Family to Vietnam and they continue to seek further opportunities to serve and minister to these precious people.

Later in the month of December 2009, the Jacksons were asked to be involved in an outreach event in Hanoi, which is the seat of national government. The city of Hanoi has been the political center for this nation and, this year, celebrates its 1000th year anniversary. It is home to beautiful landmarks, built during periods of Vietnam’s dynasties and French rule. It has preserved a rich national heritage but has also experienced the influence of numerous other cultures and idol-worshipping religions. This was to be the place where God’s plan of salvation would be openly shared in an outdoor venue for more than 15,000 people. One Christian leader quoted the book of Revelation in chapter 3 which states, “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” The Jackson Family shared a message of hope in Jesus Christ, even as police surrounded the perimeter. Vietnamese translations were projected on large screens and the Jackson children sang in the language. Many local Pastors stood hand-in-hand across the platform as an invitation was extended for people to receive Jesus as Savior. That night, several thousand ran toward the platform to express their decision to follow Christ. Christian organizations across the nation have now reported that 20,000 people came to Christ during the month of December alone! God is moving in mighty ways in the nation of Vietnam and the Jacksons thank the Lord for their favored relationship with this great nation and its loving, gifted people.