Daddy, You’re The Only Man In My Heart

Verse 1:
She skipped across the room in her pretty little dress.
She did a ballerina turn in her paten leather shoes.
And to say the very least, I was impressed.
This was my little girl.
And we played our little game again.
I said who’s the only man in your heart.
And she smiled as we held each other’s hands,
And she said:

Daddy don’t you know,
Daddy don’t you know,
You’re the only man in my heart.
Verse 2:
A few years later in her life, I saw her walking home from school.
She had her books in her arms, but a young man at her side.
And I felt a jealous pain, and I felt just like a fool
But when the young man told her bye, I said can I walk with you.
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3:
Now it’s hard to believe this day has come and gone.
He put a ring on her hand that held her daddy’s heart
And I’ll always remember as they played her wedding song
The words my little girl said to me:

Daddy can we play our little game?
Who’s the only little girl in your heart?

And I cried as I softly called her name,
And I said honey don’t you know, honey don’t you know
You’re the only little girl in my heart.

I’ll always be the little girl in your heart.