Jesus is the Best Thing

Jesus is the best thing
That ever happened to me
Jesus is the best thing
That ever happened to me

Verse 1:
He took my old life
And gave me new life
All that I’d done wrong
He made it so right
Took me from darkness
Into the sunlight
When I was nothing
He turned me into something

Verse 2:
With only one touch
He gave me so much
I don’t deserve it
He said I was worth it
He gives me joy and
He makes me happy
He showed me a better way
And now I have to say

Now Jesus is the best thing. He makes me want to sing.
Glorify Your name. Let the praises ring
First round, second round, He knocks the devil out.
Listen let me tell you what my Lord is all about.
He saved me, He raised me. Jesus never left me.
Even when I was in sin His grace kept me.
I think of His goodness and all He’s done for me.
I shout hallelujah. I’ve got the victory!
Jackson family, Jackson family they’re reaching every city
Singing out praises with the songs they sing
Declare it to the enemy that Jesus is the best thing!