Verse 1:
People try to change the truth so they can live in sin
But if they don’t follow God’s commands, Jesus can’t come in.
And if there was no right or wrong, our lives would be a game.
We’ll learn God’s standard for the world when we let Him have His way.
Truth, truth is narrow
Truth is fact, you can’t change that
Truth, Truth is narrow
Truth is fact you can’t change that
Verse 2:
It seems that in our world today we push the truth aside
They’ll tell you it’s okay to do whatever you decide
And they may say that it’s okay, two men can be a couple
But if they don’t make a lifestyle change their gonna be in trouble…yeah
Broad is the way to destruction
But narrow’s the way to life
God’s definition of family is one husband and one wife!
Yeah, come on I’m talking today about living life the most excellent way
Jesus gave us The Book to read,
You will know the truth and it will make you free
Don’t be following the crowd if you know what I’m saying
You could lose your soul, ‘cause the devil ain’t playing
Put your trust in Jesus while you got the proof
Or you’ll go to hell That’s the truth!