We Are A Family

Verse 1:
We stand before a judge today. Our fate is in his hands.
No matter what we’ve tried to do, it’s coming to an end.
What happened to the love we shared? Our future seemed so right.
We need to make a choice for God, and let him change our life.

We are a family. We have a destiny
And no weapon formed against us can tear us down.
In Jesus’ mighty name, we’ll never be the same.
We are strong ‘cause we are family.

Verse 2:
The solitary parent cries ‘cause now they’re all alone.
Raising children by themselves, they want to make a home.
A father to the fatherless our God can truly be,
lifting us into a place where we can clearly see…

Repeat Chorus

Standing in the strength of God,
Our broken hearts will mend.
He’s given us a precious gift
To cherish and defend.

Repeat Chorus

Post Chorus:
Never gonna lose the victory,
‘cause we’ve got a destiny!
We’ll always be a family.