Every day, my life is shaped
By the children who surround me
Uniquely made, in every way
Their potential is astounding!
Made in God’s own image
A creation of his hand
Individual lives who are full of surprise
And part of His almighty plan!

And I can see their fingerprints, fingerprints
On the doorways, windows and walls
I can see their fingerprints, fingerprints
Up the staircase and down the hall
I feel their presence all around me
Touching life every part
And I know those fingerprints, fingerprints
Are reaching deep inside my heart!

Verse 2:
Daily news, pointing to
The crime of killing babies
Helpless cries from unborn lives
As their destinies are wasted
Every tiny finger has an imprint of its own
Give life to their voice
And make the right choice
So the blessing they are can be known!

Lord, these precious children are a gift from You!
Let me be Your loving touch in everything I do!