Liberated By The Lord

I’ve been liberated by the Lord
And not the laws of man!
I’m a woman filled with praise for God
And not the world’s demands!
He’s blessed me with a family
There’s fulfillment in my home
I’ve been liberated by the Lord
And I can stand in him alone!

Verse 1:
Many women today are struggling
For purpose and control
They need to know that solutions start
With Jesus in their soul
I’m freed by God to not conform
To this world’s selfish ways
If He alone is pleased with me
It won’t matter what they say!

Chorus Repeat

Verse 2:
My husband is my partner
And our teamwork has a goal
We decided our way together
But he’s the leader of our home
Our children learn to love the Lord
As His word is emphasized
My impact is eternal
On the direction of their lives!

Chorus Repeat

Don’t be shaped by pressure from an earthly point of view
You don’t need to build your worth,
God knows what’s best for you!