Make Me Clean

Verse 1:
There once lived a man in a city
With his wife, his family and friends,
His life seemed so perfect, but one dreadful day
He found leper spots on his hands
The priests said the words, they pierced like a sword
“Unclean, you’ll be separate from us”
His one hope was Jesus, the miracle healer
And he said, “Lord, if you’re willing you must?”

Make me clean, make me clean!
Let me go home to my family as a witness to Your power!
Make me clean, make me clean!
Wash me now by your own
Spirit Make me clean!

Verse 2:
There’s someone who looks strong and successful
Who’s playing a game with their home
Looking for pleasure in another one’s arms,
Unfaithful to the marriage they’ve known
The payment for sin is the death of a soul,
In bondage to evil and lust
Their one hope is Jesus, the miracle healer
If they’ll say “Yes, Lord, I’m willing…You must!”

Chorus Repeat