II Chronicles 20:20 “Listen to me, all you people… Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be able to stand firm. Believe in his prophets, and you will succeed.”

This prophetic word was spoken over the Jackson Family by a prophet who did not know them and had no human way of knowing that they were leaving in just two months for their first tour of Asia and the Philippines!

  • “God has given you experiences for mercy. He has given you MERCY AS A FAMILY FOR OTHERS. You have come across a great gulf. You are now crossing a precipice to the other side for a greater work.”
  • “God will speak to you as a family through dreams like He did with Joseph and Daniel. He will communicate and tell you things through your dreams. Oh God, ‘how beautiful are their feet’ as they preach the gospel of Jesus!
  • You will not only be involved in revival, but God will use you to BRING REVIVAL. You as a family will reach NATIONS. You will minister to the nations, specifically in the Pacific Rim. You will be in the Pacific rim so much that the Lord will provide a base there. You will have 2 dwelling places. God is going to provide for you a home and an office.”
  • “You (Bruce and Brenda) are the 3rd generation… but you will break from the tradition. God is going to do a new thing, a new work; but do not be afraid. Have no fear! Just walk closely with the Lord.” (the prophet then drew a line across each forehead with his thumb and said, ‘no fear, NO FEAR’)!
  • “God is going to free up your finances so that every need will be supplied. God will raise up 20 new supporters and He will financially meet every need.”
  • “No more oppression! No form of evil can stand against you from this day forward. (The prophet circled around the Jackson Family, praying a hedge of protection over the entire family). No sorcery, or divination, or incantation will stand against you.”
  • “Read Haggai 2:19 and beyond. These are for you about God’s plan for prospering you in the ministry. He will bless you and you will bear fruit. The later verse about a ‘signet ring’ was written about someone else but you are to read it and know that NOW IT IS FOR YOU. God is going to make YOU His ‘signet ring.’”
  • “The glory of God will come upon you.”

Michael Ratliff
Oasis Church, Middletown, OH


“Even as the Lord has directed your lives and has opened the doors and drawn you to these LANDS and PEOPLES… I will draw these people to you and BOND them to you with a DIVINE and SUPERNATURAL LOVE.”

“This Supernatural Love will bring about *a DIVINE MARRIAGE of their SPIRITS to your SPIRITS. SO STRONG JOINING to your ministry, that ALL Political Powers will So recognize this unity, that they will be FEARFUL to hinder the ADVANCEMENT of your FAMILY MINISTRY. Doors of ministry that have been BLOCKED to other ministries will be WIDE OPEN to you because of this SUPERNATURAL MARRIAGE. This UNION will bring forth many spiritual children for generations and NATIONS to come.”

Ron Stechenfinger
Living Word Church, Dayton, Ohio